Nail Paint Mehndi

Nail paint mehndi is a substitute  for henna mehndi for those who are not able to apply mehndi on their hands and feet for various reasons. The reasons are mostly traditional. For instance, certain castes believe that a pregnant lady should not apply mehndi  and for some,their customs do not allow for mehndi application .

For nail paint mehndi,  dark maroon nail paint has to be dried overnight, by keeping it open under the  fan . A thick  paste is made and then poured into a cone ( just like a mehndi cone).

Nail paint mehndi is also popular among youngsters, working women and fashion-conscious ladies, who are occupied with their busy lives and hectic schedules, as it does not need hours to dry.

It is a temporary mehndi and unlike henna mehndi, its colour does not remain for days.

 Its becoming popular in Bollywood as well. Actress ‘Kajol’ had applied nail paint as mehndi for a song sequence in the movie ‘My Name Is Khan’, so that she could easily wash it off after shooting.

Nail paint mehndi looks like original mehndi after it dries and gets colour.

It is an Instant mehndi for Modern women !!!

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